Review: Rock Garage

Gekonnt produziert, meisterlich gesungen, intelligent und mit Herz komponiert. “Fireland IV” ist der Heavy Metal mit beeindruckendem Niveau, den man leider meist nur durch Zufall irgendwo in den Tiefen des Internets findet. Nun, Ihr seid nun darauf aufmerksam gemacht worden. Geht, höret und genießt!

Rating: 9/10

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10 Jun 2019

Review: The Metal Gods Meltdown

This album is top notch, the drumming, guitar work, vocals, everything!!!!!  If you love heavy metal, that is melodic and lyrical, then this is definitely for you.

Rating: 9/10

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31 May 2019

Review: Uber Rock

The first review of our new album Forged In Fire is in!!! Many thanks to Uber Rock for the kind words, including:

 ‘Forged In Fire’ is very much what you would expect from a power metal album: big, bold, bombastic, packed to the rafters with fast ‘n’ furious riffs – opener ‘Evil Voyage’, for example, accelerates out of the speakers like Iced Earth on steroids – shredding solos, infectious melodies coupled with rousing choruses and anthemic moments than want you to raise your lighters in the air while simultaneously banging your neck till the muscles snap.

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28 May 2019

Review: Chordblossom

Brown’s voice proves to be more than enough to convey the grandeur and passion of the music, as he spreads his wings and dazzles the listener with a powerful, at times almost operatic vocal performance.

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27 Apr 2017

Review: Noizy

Εκπληκτικό ξεκίνημα με το δυναμικό “John Rock”. Τα γκάζια πιάνουν κόκκινο και τα σόλα σε αρμενίζουν. Κόλλησα με “Ironclad” και “Burning Scarecrow” από το πρώτο άκουσμα. Είναι power, είναι έπικ, είναι «Σου παίρνουμε τα μυαλά και ψάξε να μας βρεις». Το “Fallen II” είναι η συνέχεια σε ένα κομμάτι που αρχικά εμφανίστηκε στο ντεμπούτο τους το 2008. Μέσα σε εννιάμιση λεπτά μας παραδίδουν ένα μεγαλείο ενορχήστρωσης, έμπνευσης και ταξιδιού στο όνειρο. Εγώ πάντως νοιώθω ότι τελείωσε γρήγορα και το ξαναέβαλα να παίξει.

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19 Jan 2017

Review: Dead Rhetoric

More bands could take a couple of pages from Fireland’s outlook on songwriting – it’s best to keep your eyes on strong hooks and build great story-telling lyrics to create a riveting front to back experience.

Rating: 9/10

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27 Dec 2016

Review: Totally Tankered

If you love twin guitars, if you love bands that have the power to make you feel like you don’t want the album to end, you will enjoy this album. I couldn’t stop listening, you wont be able to either.

Rating: 9/10

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5 Dec 2016

Review: Maximum Volume Music

There have been many albums of this type this year as genuine heavy metal – as opposed to a load of kids in skinny jeans recycling Meshuggah riffs – has undergone a real renaissance, just recently on these pages we’ve reviewed new stuff from the likes of Hammerfall, Civil War and Freedom Call, this might just be the best of the lot.

We’ve often said on MV that this type of traditional metal, power metal, call it what you will, is what people who don’t like metal think metal sounds like. That’s still true, only with “III- Believe Or Die” Fireland have made something that should be played to most of the other bands around to show them how it should be done too.
Rating: 9/10

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1 Dec 2016

Review: Rock'n'Roll Monuments (Greece)

To “John Rock” ανοίγει εξαιρετικά το δίσκο, με τον up-tempo ρυθμό του και τη δίκαση-πυροβόλο, το “Believe or Die” συνεχίζει στο ίδιο μοτίβο, αλλά από εκεί και μετά οι ταχύτητες πέφτουν, η ατμόσφαιρα κερδίζει έδαφος και ο δίσκος γίνεται ακόμη πιο ενδιαφέρων. Κορυφαίες συνθέσεις σ ‘έναν δίσκο λοιπόν που δεν έχει μετριότητες και fillers, το “John Rock” και τα “μεγάλα” “Ironclad” και “Fallen II”, με τις τρομερές εναλλαγές σε ρυθμούς και ατμόσφαιρες.

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30 Nov 2016

Review: Loud and Proud (Italy)

I Fireland sono dotati di talento, della giusta dose di sense of humor e buongusto: li terremo d’occhio nella speranza che approdino presto ad un contratto discografico, verso la valorizzazione che meriterebbero.

Rating: 4/5

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29 Nov 2016

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